Coconut milk, 250ml

Coconut milk, 250ml
Coconut milk and cream
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5.56 EUR
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6 pcs
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1.39 EUR
Coconut milk is an integral part of Thai cuisine. Perfect for soups (especially creamy soups), curries and dessers. The coconut milk combined with chilli peppers provides ideal harmony in main courses because coconut has body cooling properties meaning it suits the hot spices nicely. Due to its cooling features it is an ideal product for hot summer days. Sour cream can be replaced by coconut milk in both main courses and desserts. Particularly suitable for vegans and those who do not eat dairy products. Shake well before using. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and consume within 2 days. To extend the shelf life after opening, the coconut milk should be poured and stored in a closed glass container. Coconut milk naturally separates into layers and hardens. When warmed and stirred, it regains a homogenous consistency.

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