How to shop?

Go to the website

1. Select the browsing language (Latvian, English or Russian).

2. Click “Log in store” in the upper right side.

3. To log in to the internet store as a new client, please fill out the registration form, mandatorily confirming that you have also read the Terms of Use of the internet store. Please follow the instructions in the received e-mail to confirm your registration.

4. To log in to the internet store as a registered client, please fill out the registration form and click "Sign in".

5. Click on the “Products” menu on the upper toolbar, to see the assortment and prices of all the available goods.

6. The product assortment can be sorted by selecting any of the offered options in the "Sort products by" tool, as well as by sorting them by "Categories" or "Brands", clicking the sorting type on the left side of the page.

7. By selecting a particular brand, all the available products of that brand will appear, whereas by selecting the product category, products will be selected by the chosen type.

8. You can search for particular products by key words and bar codes, entering them in the field "Search for product" and clicking the magnifying glass symbol.

9. To add products to the basket, select the necessary product by clicking on the "-/+" buttons or manually specify the necessary amount and click "Buy" (this can be done both in the list of products and on the page of the particular product).

10. It is possible to follow the amount of goods in stock - if the quantity of products is less than 10 pieces, then the relevant notice appears under the product; if the product is not in stock, it cannot be ordered from the internet store (except pre-ordering goods). You can find out when the particular product will be available by sending an e-mail to or calling telephone number +371 67 702 744.

11. For more information about the product, open the selected product by clicking on its photo or name; more detailed information about the product is available by clicking on "Nutrition info" and "Ingredients" on the product card.

12. By opening the selected product, you can view and select an alternative for this product from the section "Recommended products" (another producer, packaging size, slightly different ingredients, etc.), if any are available.

13. For products that are not priced, you can find out the prices by sending an e-mail to or calling telephone number +371 67 702 744, and placing your order, if the product is in stock.

14. Once the products are selected and added to your basket, open your order basket, by clicking the basket icon or the basket sum in the upper right corner of the page. When changing the quantity of the products in the basket, the sum will constantly and automatically change along with the changes to the order.

15. When changing, adding or removing the products from your order, you can constantly follow the total sum of the order.

16. If the basket content is not removed (which can be done by clicking the button "Empty basket" in the basket), then it is preserved in the internet store after the log-out and log-in procedures, until the order is fully executed or while the products are available in the internet store.

17. In the basket, you can view your credit limit balance at the time of shopping, if any is granted and there is an agreement on payment in arrears, as well as the possibility to view your purchase limits. If the total order limit or the granted credit limit is exceeded, or payments for the previous consignment notes (for corporate customers) are delayed, it will not be possible to place the order.

18. By clicking on the product name, you can repeatedly view the selected product and its description.

19. By clicking "-/+" or entering the quantity manually in the permitted field, you can change the quantity of the particular product in the basket, or remove it fully from the order by clicking "Remove".

20. If it is necessary to add any other product to the order, click "Continue shopping".

21. Once all the necessary products are selected, select the type of receipt of the goods. Delivery of the goods is a paid service, more information is available under the section “Delivery information”.

22. If a promo code is available, enter it in the section of the basket "Discount coupon" and click "Confirm". Promo codes do not apply to the delivery cost, special offers or promotional goods. Discounts do not sum together.

23. Once all the required information is entered into the basket, click "Preform order". If the delivery of the goods is selected, fill out the delivery form of the goods (selecting / entering the delivery address or selecting any of the Omniva parcel machines) and click "Order". The order confirmation and the overview thereof will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

24. Once the order is placed, by opening "View order", you can see the sent order.

25. After receipt of the order, the invoice will be sent to the registered e-mail address within the period of 1 business day, in effect for 3 business days. If Cesars Ltd. is not credited with the payment within the period of the said days, the order and the product reservation is cancelled. The invoiced amount may differ from the order amount: if the order includes bulk products, the weight whereof may differ; if any of the products is not available anymore, and therefore removed from the order, or, by agreeing in advance with the client, replaced with a product of equal value.

26. It is possible to view your order history, by opening (under the welcome text in the upper right corner of the page) the section "Order history".

27. In the "Order history" section you can follow the status of the order ("Pre-order" - once the order is created; "Confirmed" - products are reserved; "Fulfilled" - invoice / consignment note is prepared and sent).

28. By clicking on the menu "Create new order" in the "Order history" section, you can view the selected, previously placed order and create new orders on the basis thereof. All products in the order and their quantities (if available in stock) are added to the shopping basket, then the product quantities can be changed, products can be removed or other necessary products added afterwards.

29. Corporate customers, with whom a cooperation agreement is concluded, have the possibility to view pending consignment notes, by opening (under the welcome text in the upper right corner of the page) the section "Consignment notes". The outstanding sum may differ from the sum of the consignment note, if it is fully or partially paid for. The payment is deemed delayed, if the payment term of the consignment note is overdue (the contractual penalty may be charged).

30. By clicking on the name of the client in the upper part of the menu (welcome text in the upper right corner of the page), you can open the section "My profile", where, if necessary, it is possible to correct and supplement the client information and the internet store access data, including the password.

31. Once the incoming payment confirmation is received (if no agreement on payment in arrears is concluded), the products can be collected from the Cesars Ltd. office starting from the next business day, or by the selected delivery type, within the previously agreed term (please see more info at “Delivery information”).