KIkkoman has a 300 year old history, and by using as much an old recipe of soy sauce, Kikkoman has become a worldwide popular brand that has introduced millions of consumers to a genuinely high quality, naturally fermented Japanese soy sauce. Kikkoman – seasoning your life!


Blue Dragon was established in 1977 in Great Britain and its name derives to the glory of a Chinese symbol – the blue dragon that is considered as a symbol of good luck. Initially there was only 5 product assortment, but at the time being Blue Dragon offers very wide range of products for Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, so everybody at home could easily and quickly prepare an authentic Asian meal.


Being aware of the exotic Thai cuisine and its growing popularity all over the world, the brand „Exotic Food” was established in 1999 with a persuasive and interesting design. One of the company’s cornerstones is the traditional Thai Sweet chili sauce, as well as the most popular products and garnish of Thai cuisine.


Starting its operations back in the 1957 as a small family business, today Patak`s has become an internationally recognized brand. Patak`s team is fanatics of their job and they are willing to share in their true passion and knowledge of Indian cuisine.

Over the past three decades Thai Agri Food represent Thai brands to the world - Aroy-D, Foco, Uni Eagle etc., under a variety of product categories. Thai Agri Food producing high quality product to customers in over 70 countries span over 6 continents.


In an effort to provide local consumers with high quality products at an attractive price, Cesars SIA has created its own Asian product line. FUDO brand offers the most demanded Asian products and rapidly develops its product assortment.

High quality short grain rice grown in Italy and processed so as to become maximally similar to the authentic rice grown in Japan. The quality of the rice is highly appreciated even by the Japanese.

During the last century’s 70’s S&B Foods developed a wasabi paste in tubes, thus becoming a pioneer in herb paste production that are coming in plastic tubes. Later S&B Foods developed a whole range of spices (mustard, ginger and garlic) in a form of a paste filled in tubes. Since then, thanks to the large number of researches, the company has managed to improve its products and currently holds the top spot in the Japanese retail market, as well as in the wasabi world market.

Tilda is a British company introduced the Western world to Basmati rice 40 years ago. Over the years, Tilda has become a worldwide well-known Basmati rice brand, and currently sells rice in more than 50 countries. Tilda Basmati remains unbeaten in its category for many years!

A Japanese food and chemistry corporation already from 1971; now operating in 100 countries. The translation of „Aji no Moto” means „The essence of taste”, as the birth of the company is associated with the discovering and further research of the 5th taste - „umami”.

Mizkan – currently one of the largest producers of rice vinegar. The first evidence of the company’s operations trail back to 1804 in Japan, when the production and trade of rice vinegar had started. Today Mizkan is produced also in Europe and USA, and its high quality is highly appreciated not only by the experts of Asian cuisine, but also by everyone using the delicate and fine rice vinegar in their kitchen!

The company Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Giuseppe Giusti is the oldest and the most prestigious producer of balsamic vinegar of Modena that has been running for 17 generations. It is established in 1605 and has received 14 gold medals, as well as the Royal Seal of Approval in 1929, as the supplier of balsamic vinegar to the King of Italy. Giusti obtain their balsamic vinegars from an unusual collection of very old barrels – from more than 600 casks that are 100 and 200 years old, and from a thousand newest casks.

The Al'Fez brand offers premium products based on North African and Middle Eastern cuisines. The brand was founded by a food enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the food business, who spent his childhood in the Middle East.

Nongshim is the largest manufacturer of instant ramen noodles and snacks in South Korea and was founded in 1965. SHIN RAMYUN is the No.1 noodle soup in Korea and one of the most popular in the world. It is popular with spicy food lovers all over Europe!