Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is truly exciting and exotic. Certainly it reflects Japanese culture. Minimalism inherent in Japanese aesthetics, is also reflected in dishes. The visual presentation of Japanese food is very important. As far as possible the products are eaten fresh, as only it can enjoy the true taste. This idea is based on the philosophy of Japanese eating. But the most important place in the Japanese diet ranks rice. They are such an important component of the kitchen that even cook rice - gohan or mesh - the word is a meal. Rice not only occupy a key position in the kitchen, but since their introduction 2.gs. before the Kr., rice and cultivation of a whole nation basis. Due to the popularity of rice was developed and perfected their cooking techniques, creating a variety of rice supplements - sauces, spices. Japanese cuisine also include specific products - mirin, sake, miso, vinegar is made from rice. Europe has acquired great popularity of sushi is also not complete without good quality sushi rice, which significantly affects the quality of the sushi and tastes. Japanese rice is served at every meal, even breakfast.