Privacy Policy

The owner and maintainer of the website is SIA CESARS, unified registration number: 40003475655, acting in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, coming into force on 25.05.2018.

Receiving Information
Applying to receive information from SIA CESARS, you agree to the storage of your data in the internal database of the company, as well as to its processing. The privacy disclaimer explains how the information provided by you to us on the website is used. The privacy disclaimer is intended for your protection, informing you regarding, what private information is being collected, what are the methods for the collection of information and how we process it.

Why do we collect your data?
Provision of personal data and information is a voluntary process, which helps us to learn about our customers and improve the content of the website, while for you - to receive the services provided by SIA CESARS most suitable for your needs. The personal data information provided by you is only used for communication with you, the preparation, sending and administration of invoices and bills of lading, as well as the delivery of goods.
As a user of the website, you can choose to receive various types of information from us. In order to ensure this service, we need your e-mail address and in some cases also your name, surname and phone number. The choice to receive information from us is always voluntarily. If you chose to receive information of a specific nature from us, based on your express consent, we will only use your personal data to send information of this nature and will not use it for any other purpose. You may cancel the receipt of information at any time.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Unrelated Third Parties
SIA CESARS may transfer the personal data obtained via this site to third parties providing support services, including data processing services. These parties may need information regarding you for the fulfilment of their functions. These parties may not use the personal data delivered by us for any other purpose other than those which we have informed you of in this Privacy Policy regarding personal data protection.
In addition, SIA Cesars may transfer or forward the personal data in its database to an unrelated third party, for example, to comply with a legal request from law enforcement agencies. Prior to the disclosure of personal data to a third party, SIA CESARS shall request the third party to comply with the appropriate security measures to protect this data from unauthorized use or disclosure.
SIA CESARS transfers the personal data received on the website to the e-mail marketing company THE ROCKET SCIENCE GROUP LLC (hereinafter – Mailchimp) (USA), whose services are used by SIA CESARS to send information to you. SIA CESARS has entered into an agreement with Mailchimp regarding personal data protection, to ensure adequate protection of your personal data.
SIA “CESARS” transfers the personal data received on the website to SIA OMNIVA (hereinafter – Omniva), whose services are used by SIA CESARS to send information to you if you have expressed your free will and selected to receive an order with delivery.
Phone conversations may be recorded to ensure service quality. Conversations are stored for a period of up to 24 months. This service is ensured by the telecommunications service provider SIA LATTELECOM, wherewith SIA CESARS has signed a cooperation agreement.
SIA CESARS has signed an agreement with SIA A DATI, which ensures the maintenance services of the website platform, and has undertaken not to disclose information and data made available to it.
An obligation to provide state and local government institutions with the data of private persons may be imposed on SIA CESARS in events prescribed by laws and regulations.

When receiving an e-mail from SIA CESARS, which you subscribed to on the website, you will also always receive a link with an option to cancel the receipt of news. If you select this option, your e-mail will be deleted from our database and you will no longer receive any information. You may at any time cancel your provided consent to SIA CESARS, sending a written notice thereof to SIA CESARS at its legal address or the e-mail address 

Cookies are defined as a small textual line sent to a customer by the web server (usually to a web browser), which is stored in the user’s computer as a small file. Cookies make the use of the website easier. The use of cookies may be disconnected, but it is not recommended, as it can reduce the possibilities to use the site. No information about you is gathered by using cookies. SIA CESARS may use cookies to prepare and show you more suitable service offers on other websites, as well as make statistical observations regarding usability of the website, but the cookies are in no way connected to your specific personal data and may not be applied to your personal information.

Data Integrity and Security
SIA CESARS will take reasonable measures to maintain data correctness, precision and a united wholeness in our databases, as well as ensure the security of our databases. We will store your personal data as long as necessary to reach the goals for which they were collected or to comply with the requirements of the legal framework to report on any violations and provide information. Our servers and databases conform to the standard security requirements of the financial sector. The employees with access to personal data are trained to work with them appropriately and in accordance with our internal legal framework regarding the processing of personal data. We will try to eliminate any data losses, leaks, its malicious use, unauthorized disclosure, changes in the data or its destruction.

Data Access, Deletion and Correction
If you wish to access your personal data, correct or delete it, you may do so by logging in to the website, contacting us by e-mail  or by calling the number +371 6770 2744. Requests to correct, move, limit or delete personal data shall be reviewed according to the legal framework and reporting requirements or the storage of documents required from SIA CESARS, as the seller of food and other items.
You may request and receive information regarding the processing of your personal data - what data is in the possession of SIA CESARS, how it is being processed, to whom it has been transferred. You are also entitled to request a correction of incorrect data, for example, in the event of a change of contact information (phone, e-mail); request the deletion of personal data if the obligations of both parties have been fulfilled.

Duration of the Storage of Personal Data
SIA CESARS shall store and process your personal data as long as the agreement entered into with you is in force, or while based on procedures prescribed in external laws and regulations SIA CESARS or you may exercise their legitimate interests (for example, bring or maintain a claim in court), while one of the parties has been instructed to store personal data by the legal framework, or while your consent to the relevant processing of personal data is in force, if no other legal grounds for the data processing exist.

Hyperlinks to other sites
The website may contain hyperlinks to other websites (for example, etc.), not maintained by SIA CESARS. These hyperlinks are intended only for your knowledge and convenience and are not a confirmation of the actions by the third-party website or any relations with their maintainers. SIA CESARS does not manage these websites and shall not be responsible for their personal data processing policy. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy, which is published on any site, prior to the use of the relevant site or providing your personal data.

Questions regarding the Personal Data Protection
If you have any questions regarding personal data protection or are interested in how SIA CESARS processes your personal data, please inform us of this by e-mail:  or by phone +371 6770 2744.