Wasabi paste, 43g

Wasabi paste, 43g
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To make the mild taste of Japanese food a little spicier, wasabi has been used as a garnish for more than a thousand years. Wasabi root grows in the wild – in clean, well-watered places. Today the demand for wasabi is growing; therefore, the green plant is cultivated in wasabi farms where it is provided with perfect growing conditions – a clean, running water supply. Wasabi root is used as flavouring. It has a spicy taste and a unique, strong, yet spicy and fresh smell. Wasabi instantly creates a burning sensation in the taste buds, which is supplemented with the wasabi aroma. Wasabi paste is a perfect garnish for sushi and sashimi. Add a little wasabi paste to Kikkoman Japanese soy sauce and mix well – this is a spicy sauce for enjoying sushi and sashimi. Add a little wasabi to mayonnaise to get a tasty snack sauce or salad dressing.

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