Stir Fry sauce Oyster & spring onion, 120g

Stir Fry sauce Oyster & spring onion, 120g
Wok / Stir fry sauces
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12 pcs
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To stir-fry literally means to fry while stirring. Stir-fry dishes are also called wok dishes, because they are traditionally made in special wok pans in China. The main condition in this method of cooking is to fry the ingredients very quickly in a small amount of oil, so that the ingredients are not overcooked and retain valuable nutrients. The sauce is the main ingredient in a stir-fry, because it determines its overall taste. Oyster and Spring Onion Stir-Fry Sauce – a smooth and glossy sauce with oyster extract, spring onions, and a subtle hint of garlic and ginger. Especially delicious together with beef or shrimp. Add rice or noodles for a richer meal. Preparation: Fry the selected ingredients, add the sauce and heat everything again. No added artificial colourings or food additives. 2 servings per pack. Store sauce in a cool, dry place, but refrigerate after opening and consume within 2 days.

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