Silken style Tofu, firm, 349g

Silken style Tofu, firm, 349g
Soy products
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8.45 EUR
Units per package:
12 pcs
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2.95 EUR
Tofu is made from soybeans, which are first boiled and pressed, and then the soymilk is turned into curd by using a using a natural coagulant. Tofu has a creamy white colour. If you are looking for a creamy Tofu cheese in convenient packaging, then Mori-nu Tofu cheese is perfect for you. Use it in traditional Asian dishes or as a cholesterol free alternative for high-fat dairy products, as well as together with fish, poultry, red meat, or vegetables in your favourite recipes. The mild Tofu is delicious as it is, cold or hot, with chopped spring onions and grated ginger, or in soups, for example, Miso. Also use Tofu to prepare a white salad dressing. The creamy, tender, and silky structure of Tofu is perfect for desserts, and it may be used as a replacement for milk products in various desserts, pudding, and cream pies that need to be whipped.

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