Rice paper, 22cm, 100g (10-12 sheets)

Rice paper, 22cm, 100g (10-12 sheets)
Rice noodles & paper
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15.20 EUR
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24 pcs
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1.52 EUR
Edible rice paper is used for cooking “spring rolls” by steaming them or serving them fresh. They are tasty, stuffed with your favourite vegetables and/or seafood. Serve with the Sweet chilli sauce. Cooking: pour cold water in a shallow bowl and soak the rice pancake until it becomes soft (for about 15-20 sec.). Put the pancake carefully on a flat plate. Place your chosen stuffing in the middle of the pancake and fold the lower edge of the pancake over the stuffing. Fold the side edges carefully and roll the pancake to make a neat roll. The ready “Spring roll” is served promptly or steamed. Such a dish is very nutritional and healthy. For a richer stuffing use Transparent bean noodles as well.

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