Oyster sauce gluten free, 510g

Oyster sauce gluten free, 510g
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Country of origin:
Hong Kong
Quantity (kg/l/pcs):
Price per kg:
9.22 EUR
Units per package:
12 pcs
Best before date:
4.70 EUR
Good quality oyster sauce is a viscous, dark brown sauce, which contains oyster extract. Oyster sauce gives food a spicy flavour. This sauce is widely used in Chinese (Canton region), Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines. In China, it is an ordinary and often used condiment in the preparation of food, especially wok dishes, and is perfectly suitable for meat dishes. Lee Kum Kee gluten free oyster sauce is a special blend of oyster sauce made with the finest oyster extract to provide you a gluten-free version for the same rich oyster flavour and aroma. Use it as an all-purpose seasoning sauce to uplift the umami taste of meat and vegetables. Use as a marinade, seasoning for stir-fries, and condiments. It is the secret sauce used in many sumptuous Chinese restaurant dishes. Tips: Use 1 tbsp for every 100g meat.

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