Mushrooms Shiitake, dried, 50g

Mushrooms Shiitake, dried, 50g
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20 pcs
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Shiitake mushrooms are the most popular Japanese mushrooms. They are usually sold dried and then soaked in hot water before use. Shiitake mushrooms grow in Japan on trees called “shii”. This is also where the name of the mushrooms comes from. Shiitake mushrooms are often mistakenly considered to be Chinese; however, they originated in Japan. Shiitake mushrooms grow in the wild and fruit twice a year - in autumn and spring – underneath such trees as shii, oak, and chestnut; however, nowadays, they are also cultivated. It is known as a healthy product. Dried shiitake have a lovely toasted aroma and rich mushroom flavour. In Japanese cuisine, dried shiitake are usually soaked in hot water together with spices and then added to soups, sushi, wok dishes, as well as prepared with vegetables and noodles. They are popular because they can be used in various dishes, starting from spicy soups and ending with a delicious stir fry or meat dishes. Raw. As a result of the harvesting and packaging pr

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