Mango sauce, 250ml

Mango sauce, 250ml
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8.84 EUR
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6 pcs
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2.21 EUR
Exotic Mango & Chilli combination. Tastes good with any meat, seafood or vegetable dish. Use it as dipping sauce, dressing or stir fry sauce. May be used in the same way as the Sweet chilli sauce. Use it as wok sauce, dressing for salads or a snack sauce. Tasty salad dressing: mix Mango sauce with mayonnaise, sour cream or yoghurt in the proportion 1:4. Exotic Food Mango Sauce is made purely from the freshest fruits grown in the Thai sun. An interesting combination of mango fruit and chilli with its sweet and spicy flavour goes well with any dish of any cuisine of the world. The sauce perfectly complements any meat, fish, seafood or vegetable dish. It can be used as a dipping sauce, as well as when cooking wok dishes.

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