Kimchi sauce, 450g

Kimchi sauce, 450g
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6 pcs
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Kimchi (Kimchee) is Korean pickled vegetables, which are traditionally served with every meal. Kimchi is a red base and it looks like a spicy tomato sauce, but it is actually made of garlic, red chilli pepper, ginger, vinegar, and salt. Also suitable for snack sauces. Kimchi is the sauce for a Korean dish called Kimchi. Classic Kimchi consists of Napa cabbage, which is pickled together with red pepper. Kimchi sauce is the most common garnish in Korea, besides, it is the main ingredient for many popular dishes, for example, Kimchi stew, Kimchi soup, and Kimchi fried rice. You can make your own Kimchi at home by using this red, spicy Kimchi base. Kimchi may be made of various vegetables, but the healthiest and most popular version is based on cabbage.

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