Dried seaweed Hidaka Kombu, 1kg

Dried seaweed Hidaka Kombu, 1kg
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This giant kelp is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is used on its own and also provides a subtle flavour to numerous dishes as one of the basic ingredients of dashi (fish stock). It contains a large amount of glutamate acid, the source of its intense flavour, and is rich in iodine, calcium and vegetable fibre. Dried konbu has a distinctive ocean aroma and intense flavour. It has a pleasantly moist texture. Konbu grows in the northern seas off the Japanese coast, and Hokkaido, the northernmost island, is known as the biggest producer of dried konbu. There are many varieties of kelp; the size alone ranges from 5cm to 30cm wide and some grow to over 20m long. They are all dried and graded, classified by their uses, either for eating or for making dashi stock. The lower and thicker part of the konbu stem is the best in quality. The most important role dried konbu plays in Japanese cooking is in making dashi stock.

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