Bonito tuna flakes Katsuobushi, dried, 200g

Bonito tuna flakes Katsuobushi, dried, 200g
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Country of origin:
South Korea
Quantity (kg/l/pcs):
Price per kg:
126.45 EUR
Units per package:
15 pcs
Best before date:
25.29 EUR
Sliced from aged pieces of bonito (Hana Katsuo). A member of the tuna family of fish, bonito is a popular fish in Japan. Bonito is typically not consumed as often fresh for a meal as it is in a dried form. The shavings provide a strong salty taste to many different food dishes as they are commonly used to flavor soup stocks such as dashi, as a seasoning for wakame salads made with dried seaweed, as a flavoring for Asian sauces, as a salty flavoring for noodle dishes, or as a garnish and seasoning in soups and over cooked vegetables.

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