Black Fungus Mu-Err (Cloud Ear), dried, 50g

Black Fungus Mu-Err (Cloud Ear), dried, 50g
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The edible black fungus, in Latin - “Auricularia polytricha”, grows on tree logs and is available as small, black, fragile, dried pieces that become 5 times bigger when soaked in water. They are usually used in Chinese dishes. Black fungus is also known as forest ear, forest fungus, tree fungus, brown fungus, black tree fungus, mouse ear, tree ear, mouse ear, Auricularia, cloud ear, kukurage. The mushrooms contain large amounts of iron, 20 times more than celery, 7 more than pork. Regular consumption of black fungi will improve your blood circulation, enrich your facial skin, and prevent iron deficiency in your body. Black fungus “sucks up” all the unnecessary particles that have got into the digestive system and reduces blood coagulation, helping to eliminate the chances of getting thrombosis, atherosclerosis, coronary heard diseases and cancer. It is not allowed to eat raw black fungi - they must be completely soaked in warm water before cooking. Raw. As a result of the harvesting an

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