Bamboo sushi mat, professional, 26.5x26.5cm

Bamboo sushi mat, professional, 26.5x26.5cm
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2.93 EUR
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200 pcs
2.93 EUR
A sushi mat (sushi roller, bamboo sushi roller) is made of many thin sticks of bamboo tied together into a mat. There are many kinds of bamboo mats used for other Japanese cuisines, but the most widely used mats for sushi come in two formats. One has thinner cylindrical bamboo sticks, and is used to make thin sushi rolls (hosomaki). The other type has flat and wider bamboo sticks and is used for thicker sushi rolls (futomaki). Using a bamboo sushi mat is very simple: place a single “Sushi Nori” sheet on the bamboo mat. Evenly cover around 2/3 of the sheet with 1.5 cups of sushi rice. Place your favourite filling in the middle of the rice. Roll the bamboo mat, slightly squeezing the filling. Cut the prepared roll (into approx. 6-8 pieces per roll). Size: 26.5 x 26.5 cm.

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