Balsamic vinegar “Champagnotta” 3 gold medals, 250ml

Balsamic vinegar “Champagnotta” 3 gold medals, 250ml
Balsamic vinegars & creams
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71.72 EUR
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12 pcs
17.93 EUR
Dedicated to the ancestor who created the recipe, born from sweet, dried grapes. Aromas and flavors of plum jam and red fruits intertwine with a hint of honey and vanilla, for a great density and sweetness which makes it so loved. Ageing: In barrels with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar extracted from a series of centuries old casks. Serving suggestions: Fresh pasta such as ravioli, selected cuts of beef, soft cheese, fresh fruit and dessert, for meditation. Ageing 12 years. Protected designation of origin. “Certified and supervised by an institution authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture”.

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