August 18, 2017

Royal TILDA Basmati rice!

Basmati rice is the “king of rice” - the most popular rice variety in India and one of the most popular varieties of rice in the world.

Basmati rice is an aromatic long grain variety of rice with distinctive and attractive taste, with which it differs from other varieties of rice. Cooked basmati rice is much lighter and more tender than any other variety of rice, they don’t stick together. Like other varieties of rice, basmati is also available in white and brown colour, which depends on the degree of processing. The grain of brown rice remains intact, it is covered with bran layer, which is not polished off, whereas, white rice is produced by removing the bran layer.

Basmati rice is not only aromatic and tasty, but also healthy. Rice grains contain up to 85% carbohydrates, providing energy to the body. Rice contains 8 essential amino acids, which are necessary in the formation of muscles. Basmati rice contains very insignificant amount of fat and is ideally suitable for people with gluten intolerance and digestion problems, and also for small children and older people because basmati rice contains practically no gluten.

Due to the unique structure of real basmati rice, it is digested much slowly; therefore the increase or decrease of the blood sugar levels is relatively slower and smaller. Real basmati rice contains low to medium GI (Glycemic index) carbohydrates, which can decrease the chance of developing type II diabetes.

Basmati rice has become a big favourite for consumers all around the world. From all the European countries, basmati rice currently is the most popular in the United Kingdom. In the last 20 years the sales of basmati rice have been increasing each year, and currently 46% of all rice sold in United Kingdom is basmati rice.

Tilda is the company from United Kingdom, which 40 years ago introduced the Western world with basmati rice. In the course of time Tilda has become a globally known basmati rice brand, and currently the company is selling rice in more than 50 countries.

Tilda selects only the highest quality pure basmati rice from more than 10 000 independent farmers. Company operations are directed towards providing authentic and real basmati rice to customers, without the admixture of other varieties and with maximal proportion of intact grains. Rice selection system is very strict - manufacturer verifies each bag, because Tilda believes that only real basmati rice have the unique properties of basmati - therefore grains are carefully sorted, discarding the broken grains, from which starch would be released during cooking, causing the grains to stick.

Nowadays Tilda offers various varieties of rice, but out foundation still is basmati rice - the “prince of rice”. Tilda basmati rice still remains unsurpassed in its category for many years!




If you still think that any rice is just rice, we offer some reasons why Tilda basmati rice is better than others and why to select Tilda instead of other rice.

Tilda basmati rice has a unique flavour.

The taste of this rice is not comparable to the taste of other rice varieties - the light and fluffy structure of the long, slender grains will allow you to enjoy completely different taste experience - incredibly pleasant, pronounced, different, and a bit “nutty” taste.

Tilda basmati rice has a wonderful aroma.

Direct translation of basmati means “fragrant” - this rice is characterized as “rice with the aroma of sun-dried wood and flowers”. When cooking Tilda basmati rice, the air is filled with the irresistible and appetizing aroma!

Tilda basmati is the champagne of rice.

Just like in the making of champagne the Tilda basmati rice is also grown by observing the traditions of multiple centuries. Due to the specific natural properties, the basmati rice becomes better as it ages - just like fine wines. Rice is stored for multiple months to mature and is polished after the storage to acquire much richer and saturated flavour.

Special care is given to Tilda basmati rice.

Basmati rice is harvested only once per year, and special weather conditions are necessary for the rice plant to ripen completely. Due to the unique climate and soil requirements, the basmati rice can be properly grown only in one location in the whole world - in the Himalayan foothills. Only with the farmers’ peculiar love and devotion, and by dedicating enormous care, time, and attention to this unique plant, the basmati plants can fully flourish. However this required care includes additional costs, which are also reflected in the end price.

Tilda basmati rice is the dream of any culinary artist.

After cooking the Tilda basmati rice, you will be able to enjoy light, tender and separate rice grains, because in the production process the manufacturer discards broken grains, from which starch would be released during cooking. Unlike other rice varieties, the length of Tilda basmati rice increases more than twice, retaining the slender shape even after cooking.

Manufacturer Tilda takes care to ensure the authenticity of basmati rice.

Tilda considers itself as basmati “guardian” - by diligently working to keep the real basmati rice legend thriving - already from the moment when company was established. The manufacturer supports traditional agriculture, and the rice growers are provided with basmati seeds without collecting the manufacturer’s profit and provided with free consultations about growing through FACE (Tilda Farmer’s Advisory Cell service). All Tilda products are free from artificial additives and preservatives.

Tilda basmati - the legend lives on.

Tilda protects and grows this legendary rice already for more than 40 years, using the growing methods of this extremely valuable plant passed on from generation to generation. For experienced rice buyers the most valuable is the ability to purchase the best basmati rice, regardless of price. This is equally important also to the rice growers and consumers.


Ance Šternberga

naturopath, healthy lifestyle and nutrition trainer,
creator of, author of multiple books

“Because rice is a product with high risk of heavy metal contamination, I started examining various brands and rice types in the search for the purest one. After studying the available rice supply, my verdict was in favour of TILDA rice brand, the production of which is truly superior.
For many years now, we have chosen the TILDA rice brand in our family - not only due to quality, but also the flavour!”




The unique basmati rice grains are known for centuries for their unique and magical taste, aroma and fluffy texture.

The unpolished bran layer gives this variety of rice a distinctive nutty flavour. The intact bran layer is rich in fibre and makes this rice an especially favourable product for your health. This rice is ideally suitable for soups, salads, and vegetable casserole. Brown rice contains high levels of fibre, helping to decrease cholesterol levels.

Exotic combination for adding something new to the daily meals. Especially suitable for salads, wok dishes, vegetables or meat.

Even the rice name suggests that this rice has a very pleasant and appetizing aroma. Jasmine rice is going to be particularly loved by the fans of Thai cuisine, providing them with authentic meal. Traditionally served with Thai curry.