August 21, 2017

Valuable advices for enjoying sushi

Do you like to prepare sushi at home, but you don’t know how to achieve the best result? We have prepared for you multiple valuable advices, to ensure that your sushi will be magnificent!

• Traditionally sushi is made from fish and seafood, using suitable Japanese side dishes.
• When preparing sushi use products as fresh as possible. If cooked sushi rice is stored for a longer time, it will lose its great taste.
• If cucumber is used in filling, it is recommended to cut out the seed part, so the sushi doesn’t become too moist.
• When preparing maki sushi (sushi in rolls) use a very sharp knife to cut the prepared roll.
• Moisten the knife in cold water before cutting to ensure that sushi pieces will be neat, nori leaf won’t tear, and the rice won’t stick to the knife.
• Only naturally fermented Japanese soy sauce is served together with sushi, because it is the only one that is suitable for enjoying sushi due to its consistency and flavour.
• Pour only a small amount of soy sauce in the dish and dip the sushi roll only a little bit in the sauce.
• When eating nigiri (sushi rice balls covered with fish or seafood) dip only the fish or seafood in the soy sauce.
• Historically the freshly ground wasabi root was added to raw fish due to antibacterial reasons. Nowadays wasabi is used to add pleasant piquancy to the mild Japanese dishes.
• Add wasabi paste to the soy sauce to create piquant sauce for enjoying sushi and sashimi (food made from raw fish).
• Ginger prepares the taste buds for new delights, therefore it is eaten between different types of sushi.
• Sushi is most delicious immediately after preparing - therefore “second day sushi” is not recommended.

Enjoy your meal!