March 29, 2018

PONZU – sensational novelty of Kikkoman!

PONZU – sensational novelty of Kikkoman!

Light sauce made of naturally brewed soy sauce Kikkoman, lemon juice and vinegar.

Kikkoman Ponzu citrus soy sauce makes perfect harmony of various tastes: sour, tangy, sweet, salty and fruity. Refreshing flavor of lemons and the power of umami will give your dishes completely new taste. Ponzu is ideal as ready to use table seasoning or dip for salads and veggies, fish, seafood, sushi and sashimi. Low content of sodium and carbs: perfect ingredient of light and low caloric diet.

How to use Kikkoman Ponzu citrus soy sauce as:
• dipping sauce – put into a small bowl and dip in it your veggies, fish or meat, sushi, sashimi, spring rolls, gyoza dumplings and other finger food;
• ready to use dressing – pour over your salad, veggies, fish or meat;
• ingredient of dressings – mix with olive oil 1:2 (Ponzu:olive oil), season with spices of choice and done;
• quick marinade – marinate your fish or meat for at least 15 minutes;
• ingredient of your dishes – add to your sauces, soups, pastas, risottos, stir-fries, fried veggies and mushrooms.

Kikkoman Ponzu citrus soy sauce goes perfectly along with:
• salads and fresh veggies;
• grilled, fried and boiled fish and seafood;
• sushi and sashimi;
• carpaccio and tartar steaks of fish or meat;
• grilled and roasted veggies and mushrooms;
• gyoza, dumplings, spring rolls, finger food.