Sushi sauce for eel Unagi, 975ml

Sushi sauce for eel Unagi, 975ml
Japanese sauces & pastes
Country of origin:
0.975 l
Price per l:
9.03 EUR
Units per package:
6 pcs
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8.80 EUR Old price: 9.78 EUR
KIKKOMAN Sushi sauce for Unagi is uded for Unagi - grilled eel. Convenient sauce which gives an intense and deep flavour with a touch of sweetness to various sushi. Useful for making decoration motif on sushi rolls and brushing the ingredients like grilled eel. Smooth and high viscosity which can decorate sushi by making motif stays on sushi rolls without spoiling the shape. IDEAL MENU: Sushi rolls by making decoration motiff. Grilled eel by brushing while grilling. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

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