Rice Paper 22cm, 400g

Rice Paper 22cm, 400g
Rice noodles & paper
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40 pcs
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Spring Roll wrappers are delicious filled with your choice of vegetables, meat and seafood. They can be eaten fresh or deep fried. Servese with sweet chilli sauce. Preparation: 1. Fill a shallow baking tray with hot water and place a spring roll wrapper into the water until it is soft and pliable (about 15-20 seconds). 2. Remove the wrapper and gently lay onto a wet tea towel and blot until it is slightly sticky. 3. Place the filling of your choice in the middle of the wrapper then fold the bottom of the wrapper up over the filling, fold in the sides totally covering the filling, then roll the wrapper upwards to form a neat roll shape. 4. Serve immediatelt or alternatively deep-fry for about 2 minutes and serve with dipping sauce.

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