Prawn crackers, unfried, 2.27kg

Prawn crackers, unfried, 2.27kg
Salted snacks
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4.61 EUR
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6 pcs
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10.47 EUR
A Chinese snack food made from a dried, prawn-flavoured rice flour batter which when deep-fried, puffs up to a light crunchy hard white foam-like biscuit or crisp. It is a popular snack in parts of East and Southeast Asia. Prawn crackers are a traditional complementary side dish. Prawn creckers are made by mixing prawns, tapioca flour and water. The mixture is rolled out, steamed, sliced and sun dried. Once dry, they are deep-fried in oil (which must be at high heat before cooking). In only a few seconds they expand to white fluffy crackers, much like popcorn. Serve with Sweet Chilli Sauce or other dipping sauce, which is based on using soy sauce. Storing the crackers in a low humidity environment or an airtight container will preserve the crispness.

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