Balsamic vinegar ”Riserva Costanza”, 100ml

Balsamic vinegar ”Riserva Costanza”, 100ml
Balsamic vinegars & creams
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121.50 EUR
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6 pcs

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12.15 EUR
The "Family Reserve" is a special line of fine balsamic vinegars and condiments dedicated to the Giusti family ancestors. The “Piccole Donne” is a series of sweet, delicate and considerably dense condiments, recalling the local custom, still used today, of bottling small quantites of a family production of balsamic vinegar. The tradition wants these small glass bottles finshed by hand, and sealed with raw rope and red wax sealing. Ingredients: Must of cooked, sundried grapes; aged wine vinegar. Ageing: 12 years in wine barrels, with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar drawn from a series of centuries old casks.

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