August 17, 2017

100% natural coconut water with natural fruit juices

! FOCO Coconut Water is free from added colourings, sugars, and food additives.
! FOCO Coconut Water is not manufactured from concentrate.

- It is recommended to use coconut water during exercising or any other strenuous physical activities. It rehydrates and moisturizes the body faster than water.
- Contains electrolytes (magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus), which help to decrease muscle pain (during and after the physical activities).
- Has body cooling effect.
- Lowers the arterial pressure.
- Normalizes intestinal activity and activates metabolism.
- Helps to restore the natural balance of gastrointestinal microflora after using antibiotics.
- Improves blood circulation.

Coconut water is the transparent liquid in the young, green coconuts. Before water enters into the coconut, it travels long way upwards through the coconut palm trunk and the countless fibres of the trunk, which act as a filter and purify the water. It takes nearly 9 months to filter 1 litre of coconut water. Coconut water is obtained by splicing the coconuts in half and collecting the liquid. Collected liquid is processed at very high temperature. By using this special technology, it is possible to retain the fresh taste and the valuable qualities of the product.

The FOCO brand was established in 1982, and it has acquired world popularity thanks to the 100% natural coconut water, filled in handy Tetra Pak packaging. FOCO Coconut Water now has become the most widely recognisable 100% natural coconut water in the world.

Only young, raw coconuts of exclusively selected species from Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) are used in the making of the FOCO Coconut Water. FOCO brand has become especially popular because of the added 100% natural fruit juices to improve the taste of coconut water even more - making it more enjoyable for both children and adults.

Coconut water can be consumed in its pure form and also be used in making various healthy cocktails.